Alfi Kitchen and Bathroom products

Alfi is an up and coming manufacturer known for making high-quality kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, bathtubs, and showerheads. Their kitchen and bathroom collections are exceptionally diverse, eye-catching, and well-priced, providing homeowners with a plethora of designs to choose from. Ranging from traditional ceramic ware to eco-friendly bamboo, Alfi is guaranteed to have a home creation for everyone.

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Alfi Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Alfi is one of the first to make eco-friendly bamboo kitchen sinks. Bamboo kitchen sinks offer an alternative look to the lustrous stainless steel models most homes have today. Bamboo is a recent addition to the kitchen sink family that reflects society's "go green" trend. Unlike other wood materials, bamboo is highly sustainable and is able to replenish itself very quickly. Alfi skillfully makes their bamboo kitchen sinks to be impermeable and waterproof; assuring homeowners that investing in a product made of natural resources is just as promising as investing in one that is made of man-made materials. Alfi supports this by also offering a selection of Fireclay Farmhouse kitchen sinks, a time-honored design that reveals industrial technique and luxury commercial style. The Alfi kitchen collection intentionally offers both bamboo and Fireclay Farmhouse sinks to give homeowners a choice between classic and current design.

Alfi kitchen faucets are as attention-grabbing as their sink counterparts. Boasting stainless steel construction, these kitchen faucets are engineered to possess tech-savvy features that make cleaning in and around the sink easier. These features include pull-out spray heads and hoses, single-lever handle designs, compression styled necks, and built-in water dispensers. Furthermore, stainless steel is sleek and smooth, and offers a metallic shine that exemplifies futuristic design. Alfi faucets are products of the technological age, and are guaranteed to make every corner of your kitchen accessible.

Alfi Bathtubs and Showerheads

Further supporting the environmental cause, Alfi has incorporated a line of solid bamboo bathtubs in their bathroom collection. Installing a bamboo bathtub in your bathroom simulates the look and feel of a relaxing sauna or steam room. Bamboo is perfectly suited for a bathtub because it is naturally resistant to moisture and mildew, and provides more traction than other materials like porcelain, acrylic, and stone. It is also less expensive and ecologically safe to use. Homeowners cannott help but feel at peace when resting in an Alfi bathtub. They help create a warm and calming atmosphere in any bathroom.

If you are more of an on-the-go type of person and prefer showers over baths, Alfi also offers a stunning series of LED showerheads. LED showerheads are unique and playful. They emit light that changes colors according to the water's temperature. This design is not only informative and useful, but it is also appealingly spectacular. LED showerheads add character to your shower by transforming an ordinary bathroom fixture into an awe-inspiring sight. Alfi also manufactures their showerheads with the environment in mind, using water turbine for power rather than batteries to conserve electricity and natural resources.

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