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American Standard is a primary manufacturer of kitchen and bath products. American Standard toilets can be found in three out of five homes, as well as airports, hotels and stadiums. When you purchase an American Standard toilet, rest assured, you will have a toilet that fits your style and meets your expectations.

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American Standard toilets are manufactured in a variety of sizes. Sizes are from 14 to 17 inches in height, with the 14 inch from floor to bowl being the standard model. The 17 inch toilet is more chair-like in height, which provides easier access for those with disabilities or limited range of motion. American Standard Toilets also come in Baby Devoro, which is 10 inches in height, perfect for a child’s bathroom.

American Standard two piece round toilet

American Standard Designs

American Standard toilets come in two types of toilet designs: the one-piece and two-piece models. One-piece models offer a sleeker appearance with more space between the tank and the bowl, making them easier to clean. The two-piece American Standard toilet is a more economical option and installation is simple since the tank and bowl are separated.

Toilet Bowl Shapes

American Standard toilets come in three bowl shape designs: round, elongated, and compact elongated. Round bowl designs are more economical and smaller than elongated bowls. An American Standard toilet with a round bowl is best used in small bathrooms. If it is comfort you desire, the elongated bowl model offers more seating area and thigh support, but will require a larger space. The compact elongated model also offers more seating area and fits nicely in small spaces as well. American Standard toilet bowl shapes offer the consumer a choice in accommodation and comfort.


American Standard one piece toilet

Introducing the Traditional Champion®4 Right Height Toilet. This American Standard toilet has the widest (2-3/8") trapway in the marketplace. This high performance American Standard toilet also features a four inch flush valve, and practically does away with clogged toilets. The Champion will move an accumulation 70% larger than a typical toilet. American Standard asserts that this deluxe model can flush a bucket of golf balls. If you are looking for a toilet that will eliminate plunging, the Traditional Champion®4 Right Height Toilet is the choice for you.

American Standard toilets offer gravity fed and pressure assisted models. Gravity fed toilets are found in many homes and function by way of a flush valve that when released, water flows from the tank into the bowl, removing waste. The pressure assisted model is designed with a flushometer valve, which creates a more powerful flush than the standard gravity fed models.

And now, for one of the most desirable best products in American Standard's line of goods -- The EverCleanTM Toilet Seat. American Standard toilets equipped with the EverCleanTM toilet seat offers a product that not only prohibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, it practically cleans itself. The seat is manufactured with a patented silver-based antimicrobial into the seat, essentially cleaning itself. Since cleaning toilet seats is one of Americans' least favorite chores, the American Standard EverCleanTM Toilet Seat is a great choice.


American Standard dual flush toiletAmerican Standard is a company recognized for superior quality and affordability. As evidence of their acclaimed reputation, you can find an American Standard toilet in three out of five homes. In addition, its commercial toilets can be found in stadiums, airports and hotels. With sizes to accommodate any size bathroom, American Standard toilets will have the perfect option for you. Whether you choose from a one-piece or two-piece toilet, American Standard toilets are one of the best made products in the kitchen and bath industry. Choosing a shape, round, elongated or compact elongated is a personal preference and it's good to know you have options. If performance is what you are looking for, you cannot go wrong with an American Standard toilet that can flush a bucket of golf balls. Tired of cleaning the toilet? Choose the American Standard's EverCleanTM toilet seat that virtually eliminates cleaning a toilet.

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