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Bathroom Stone Sinks

Stone has been used since prehistoric times to create furniture and modern-day household items. This natural element possesses an alluring beauty that has inspired the decor industry to incorporate it into all facets and spaces in home design. As such, style experts have discovered that one of the most creative and striking uses is in the bathroom. Leading the industry in cutting-edge design and contemporary trend, ExpressDecor proudly presents an impeccable collection of chic bathroom stone sinks.

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Stone sinks are a preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike because they fulfill two valuable renovation requirements, durability and aesthetics. ExpressDecor carves each and every one of their stone sinks from a single piece of natural rock that has been extracted from the depths of Earth’s terrain. This not only provides homeowners with the incomparable shimmer of natural minerals, but it also attests to ExpressDecor’s promise of only offering their customers’ top of the line bathroom sinks at everyday low prices.    

ExpressDecor manufactures their stone sinks collection from a variety of materials including granite, soapstone, and travertine. Granite is the hardest of all the varieties, and offers a heavy-duty black exterior that is resistant to dents, scratches, and stains. Soapstone is second in toughness, and reveals a matte, slate gray tone that makes for a subtle but distinct sink. Travertine is softer in texture, and is known to have traces of fossil embedded in it at times. No matter which model you choose, all of these raw materials boast industry reputed strength and reliability.

Incorporating a stone sink in your bathroom provides every homeowner with a wealth of decor opportunities. It is an expert-confirmed tip of the trade that natural materials are one of the most versatile design elements to work with. Stones sinks offer a compilation of muted Earth tones that complement all color palettes from light to dark and matte to bright. They are simple in appearance, and generally take on the look of its material’s natural state. ExpressDecor purposefully does not alter the appearance of its stone when constructing their bathroom sinks to ensure our customers pure, authentic craftsmanship.

ExpressDecor has one of the largest stone sink collections currently available in the market. Their collection features a diverse array of shapes and patterns ranging from round to square and mosaic to chiseled. Moreover, the collection carries unique vessel models that require a pedestal stand to hold it up. Pedestal sinks are elegant and contemporary, and provide your bathroom with an air of luxury and romance.

With an ExpressDecor stone sink anchoring your bathroom decor, homeowners can easily build off the neutral tones and create a multitude of style themes from rustic countryside to modern sleek.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Stone Sink

 Stone sinks, though strong and durable, require simple maintenance steps to ensure that they last a long time.
  • Always use a mild soap solution and a damp cloth.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or scrubbing solutions to clean your vessel
  • Clean your stone sink in a circular motion
  • Do not use bleach or pour it down the drain to clean your sink
  • Dry your sink after each use to avoid hard water build up and stains
  • You can use mineral oil to shine your sink once in a while
  • There are special products for stone sinks. Just make sure these have a neutral pH balance
  • Rinse your sink with clear water before applying any cleaning solution
  • Poultice is a recommended cleaning agent for stone sinks. Use as instructed
  • If staining occurs, apply poultice to the surface of your stone basin, then cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit for 24 hours, scrape it off and rinse with a mild soap solution.
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