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Bathroom Vanities

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Add a spark of elegance to your daily life by installing a new bathroom vanity set that reflects exactly what your taste is. At ExpressDecor we have done some extensive research and came up with an exclusive line of bathroom vanities that will surely make it easier for you to accomplish the design that you want for a picture perfect bathroom.

For example, we have double sink bathroom vanities, modern and contemporary ones, small vanities, those with antique looks, exquisite vanities made of glass and bathroom vanities designed to fit in small corners. Now that half of the job is done for you by our experts, the next step is actually picking the right one. And believe us if we say that this is perhaps the hardest part of your remodeling project, as each and every vanity set in our catalog is as gorgeous as the next. To make it easier for you, our in-house designers recommend that you consider the size of your bathroom first and then the size of your household second before purchasing a vanity. If you have a large family or you need to share your bathroom with your spouse, your next vanity set has to be able to satisfy the needs and withstand the harsh use without much effort.

Single Bathroom Vanities

Whatever the size of your bathroom, a single bathroom vanity is an excellent choice. Great for minimizing a cluttered look, a single sink vanity will nestle perfectly taking up less area. This is terrific for allowing room for a larger bathtub, hot tub or anything else you want to enhance your bathroom space with. Speaking of enhancing, a single vanity is also good for the smaller bathroom. Whether it’s a small washroom at the office or the guest bath, a single bathroom vanity makes the overall appearance and function a far better experience. With features that are quite attractive, your single sink vanity can add a touch of class to any bathroom without dominating the decor of your bathroom. Let us show you an outstanding array of choices for finding the perfect single vanity to meet your needs.

Double Sink Vanities

There isn’t always enough space when you share your bathroom with your spouse; it has been a battle that will continue for years. And the fact is that sometimes wives and husbands rather enjoy their time in their own bathrooms. So, if this sounds like you, our double sink bathroom vanity is the ideal solution to this problem. The his and hers bathroom vanity concept is not new. What is new is that our experts have been able to accomplish the ideal combination at an amazing price. Not only are these affordable but they are exquisitely designed and built. Double sink vanities are ideal for large bathroom spaces, where you can dedicate a whole section for this amazing bathroom station. These are designed to be used with both under the counter sinks as well as vessel sinks. And since they are made with accents of stainless steel, wood, glass and brass, they will work in perfect harmony with any faucet and furniture you may already have.

Antique Bathroom Vanities

Some of us may be more interested in traditional design, and may even want a bathroom that carries over that elegant touch that brings all of those trends from the past and that have never disappeared. And so at ExpressDecor we have made it possible for you to keep that same look without abandoning your style. Our antique bathroom vanity collection is one to admire from every angle possible. Thanks to our high quality photos, you will be able to see for yourself how beautiful these are. And the best part is that even these come in various sizes and colors, giving you a chance to make the best of your bathroom space, one reason that keep our customer coming back for more.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

More and more homeowners are choosing contemporary looks for their bathrooms. If you have heard of “industrial design,” this is just an example of modern decor. And at ExpressDecor we have the right modern vanities for your bathroom. Though most of these come in different styles and sizes, made with different materials, our catalog is so complete that you will find the right vanity for your bathroom. For example, we have bathroom vanities made of solid bras (ideal for those interested in the accents of raw metal), wood (to carry over the natural wood design from other bathroom furniture) and even glass for a completely different approach to bathroom design. Keep also in mind that even though these are modern in nature, these are versatile as well, and you can install undermount and vessel sinks on these bathroom vanities.

Corner Bathroom Vanities

If you have are looking to expand the horizons of your current bathroom and try new ways to make use of your space, we recommend that you try the popular corner vanities, which allow you to transform any corner into a functional bathroom work station. Now any corner in your bathroom can become a solution and not a problem.

Small Vanities

Most households in the United States have small bathrooms and so our collection of vanities is designed to make the best use of your space. For example, the small bathroom vanities collection is ideal for half bathrooms, powder rooms or just full baths that are small in nature. If this describes your bathroom, then we suggest that you browse this collection carefully. Our experts say that these small vanities are designed to make your small bathroom look less cluttered than it would look with traditional sets.

Glass Bathroom Vanities

Keeping up with the times, bathroom designers have recommended over and over again our glass bathroom vanities, a collection to admire with great respect. These are so versatile that they are guaranteed to match any bathroom style. Now you won’t have to redo, redecorate and refurnish your bathroom to be able to install a glass vanity bathroom set because glass is a neutral material with neutral colors, though our catalog also offers different color combinations and even sizes to help you highlight your bathroom even better, according to your taste and lifestyle.

Your bathroom can look gorgeous and up-to-date with a vanity set from ExpressDecor. Just make sure to visit our catalog to get a great deal on your next purchase.

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