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Have you ever heard of the user-friendly bathroom concept? If you haven’t, then you are in the right place to learn about it because ExpressDecor offers exactly just that; the ability to transform you bathroom into an oasis of pure decadence. The user friendly bathroom concept is not new as for years designers have tried to make that perfect bathroom that offers an enticing environment where users feel comfortable and can enjoy of bathing in a more personal manner. Our shower collection offers some of the most impressive-looking shower heads, panels, accessories and parts you will find in the market.

To create a user friendly bathroom it depends on your needs and decor style that you have implemented. It also depends on the accessories that you will require. Some bathrooms can be transformed by changing just the showerhead for one that offer a combination of different massage sprays. But at ExpressDecor we came up with a more complete concept so that you have more to choose from for your next remodeling project.

For example, if you are looking for hand-held showers, we have them, if you need tub spouts, we carry those as well and if you need to relax with high-quality and durable body jets, rest assured that we also carry those. There is an option for all of your needs. Some of the shower parts that we carry include mounting brackets and shower arms, designed to fit around your daily needs.

Shower Panels

Sometimes our bathrooms just need a simple solution to make them look completely new and updated. For example, the shower panels at ExpressDecor will allow you to add more functionality to your daily bathing experience without having to spend too much in unnecessary and complicated accessories. These shower panels have the ability to transform your bathroom, creating that Spa feeling that you so much like every time you get you facial or a massage. Now, this same feeling can be added to your daily routine without paying much from your pocket. And since these panels come ready to install, it will take just a few minutes to install the water lines to make this dream possible. These panels are made with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, stone or even acrylic.

Shower Sets

You will always save with ExpressDecor by selecting shower sets, as these come as all-in-one shower solutions. These come with the shower head, the hand held spray and the controls. Selecting one of these will help you save money because you won’t have to buy all of these separately. Further, since these are made with high quality materials and contemporary and traditional finishes your bathroom will always look like it is fit for a king or a queen.

Shower Trays

A trend that is making a great impact in many of our customers’ lives is the shower trays accessory. Installing one of these will transform your bathroom floor instantly without much effort at a very affordable price. Most hotels in the country use these to improve the looks of their showers and now your don’t have to be in a hotel to enjoy of the same luxury. And these trays are so safe that they even increase traction on your bathroom floor, giving you a safer bathing experience. For your comfort, we have selected corner and traditional trays so that you always have a great choice at ExpressDecor.

Tile Redi Products

When it comes to quality and reliability, Tile Redi is the absolute best you will find on the market today. From single unit construction that ensure a leak proof experience to fast installation, your Tile Redi shower pan is actually ready for tile as the name implies. When installing a Tile Redi niche, the time it takes is an incredible difference from days gone by. It’s no longer necessary to hot mop or fight with cement board, the tile of your choosing sets directly to the surface. Your Tile Redi shower pan also meets all local and federally imposed plumbing codes eliminating concerns where there should be none. Let Tile Redi help in the creating of your perfect shower.

Tile Redi Shower Niches

A Tile Redi niche is the perfect way to ensure that the shower niche installed in your bathroom is one that is crafted from the highest quality materials available. There is no concern for leaking as your tile shower niche is leak proof. Adding to the attributes of quality construction is the amazing convenience that comes with installing directly to the shower niche surface saving an incredible amount of time as compared to standard installation. So go ahead and go with tile for your shower décor knowing it’s no longer a time hog to install , but is actually possible to have the best of both worlds; gorgeous tile gracing your shower niche as well as faster installation.

Shower Enclosures

When remodeling your bathroom, make sure to save by upgrading your shower with an entire simple-to-install and elegant enclosure. Our shower enclosures are made of high-grade, tempered glass that can be installed in any bathroom. These are reliable pieces of bathroom ware that will add functionality and beauty to your everyday life. Our shower enclosures come with a sliding door also made of tempered safety glass that is reversible, and so it can be installed on the left or right side of the unit. Our shower enclosure also come with chrome-finished fixtures, and so you won’t have to worry about matching other elements of your bathroom. Some of the styles that we offer rage from rectangular to neo-angle, D-shaped and round, and all are made of anodized aluminum profiles. To add a more pleasant experience, ExpressDecor also offers a diverse line of additional accessories for your shower enclosure, such as shower trays, shower panels among others.

Shower Heads

The best part of this shower heads collection is that you can upgrade your existing bathtub without having to start from scratch, allowing you to save money and time. This is the case for our shower head collection, which are made to fit standard plumbing systems. Our shower heads come in very popular finishes such as brushed chrome, gold or even satin nickel. And if you are looking for a more natural shower experience, consider the rain shower heads, which mimic the fall of rain drops on your body, soothing every inch of your skin. There are other alternatives of shower heads that you will like such as rotating ones for better control, round, square or even rectangular ones for a great-looking bathroom.

Shower Parts

Looking to complete your bathroom renovation? If yes is your answer to this question, then you should consider shopping for Shower Parts at ExpressDecor because we offer the most competitive prices in the market. Whether if you are looking for mounting brackets or shower arms, your bathroom will be completed in time without much effort and saving money in the process.

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