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Belle Foret

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Belle Foret products demonstrate ExpressDecor’s belief in quality craftsmanship and chic design. Their rural French themed collection showcases how the old can be revolutionized into the new. Drawing inspiration from the traditional designs of yesteryear and merging them with the innovative applications of modern technology, Belle Foret bathroom vanities, sinks, and faucets exude rustic splendor and vintage beauty.


Belle Foret’s bathroom vanities are a charming accessory to every bathroom decor. ExpressDecor offers these vanities in oak, cherry, and parchment finishes allowing homeowners to give their bathrooms a homey feel and look. These antique vanities are only old-fashioned in design as they stand to display the skilled workmanship of contemporary home improvement. Let the inner romantic in you come out with every experience at your Belle Foret bathroom vanity only found at ExpressDécor.


To further create the impression of timeless allure and tradition, accessorize your bathroom with Belle Foret’s copper sinks and polished faucets. These sinks and faucets are attractively curved to emulate time-honored style and classic design while conveying modern sophistication to any bathroom visitor. ExpressDecor provides a fine selection of bathroom copper sinks that come in an array of sizes and shapes. You have the option of choosing a round, ovular, or square sink as well as a flat bottomed or a raised bottomed sink. Furthermore, ExpressDecor provides the option of different finishes for these bathroom sinks and faucets including weathered copper, oil-rubbed bronze, antique nickel, chrome, and more depending on the model of choice.  


Recreate the enchantment of the French countryside in your own bathroom with ExpressDecor’s lovely assortment of antique bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, and faucets. It is never too late to embrace the old with the new. 

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