Calculating Dimensions for Toilet Installation

Toilet DimensionsIf you are one of the many do-it-yourself homeowners in the process of remodeling your bathroom, you must have the correct measurements prior to the purchasing your toilet. Having the correct measurements, including height, depth, and width will ensure that the toilet will fit, and there will be plenty of room around the toilet. Be sure to measure the distance between the plumbing to the intended area for the toilet.

Getting Started

You will need a tape measure and pencil for this part of the project. When taking the first measurement you will want to measure from side wall to side wall in the area where you intend to place the toilet, making sure that you have at least a 30 inch opening per standard building codes. This measurement is critical to making sure there is enough elbow room when using the unit. If you happen to be placing the unit in an angled corner; make sure that the largest part of the bowl is sitting in the 30 inch space, even if the tank area may be a bit tighter. This will allow for room and meet building codes as well.

Armed with the above information, you can now move on to deciding how big of a toilet your area will accommodate. Standard toilets are larger today than in previous years however, if your bathroom is small, you can order what is called a cottage toilet which is manufactured for smaller spaces. If your space is really small, you can opt for a high tank toilet, with the tank mounted on the wall above the bowl and connected via piping which allows for the bowl to sit flush against the wall, allowing more leg room. A measurement of 24 inches directly in front of the toilet is required by building codes. It may seem like a lot of space when drawing your plans, but once you have placed the unit in the space, it will fit perfectly. Keep in mind, if you intend to install an elongated model you will need to provide for the extra space as these models are at least two inches longer than the standard round models.

Having the measurement from the old toilet will help immensely when shopping for the new unit. Measuring from the center of the back mounting to the back of the toilet will give you the depth and you can then compare this measurement to the new one. If the measurement is less than or equal to the old model, it should fit over the drain pipe that is currently in place.

If you are accommodating small children or older adults, it is best to measure the seating height to ensure your new unit will be suitable for everyone in the home. For younger children, having a seating height of 14 inches will provide easier access to the toilet. For older adults who have mobility issues, purchasing a model with the seating height from 17 to 19 inches is optimal. This measurement is easily obtained by measuring from the floor to the top of the bowl.

Having the right measurements and dimensions available for the space in your bathroom and the measurements of the old toilet will greatly improve your success in finding the right size and model of toilet you plan to install.

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