Elongated or Round Toilet?

elongated one piece toiletToilets are manufactured for one purpose - to eliminate human excrement in a sanitary and efficient manner. Early models were designed with a round bowl, however advances in technology have led to the creation of elongated bowl designs.


Round bowl toilets are found mostly in older residential homes since bathrooms in earlier building designs were smaller spaces. Modern homes have larger bathrooms, thus giving homeowners more options when choosing a toilet. With a larger bathroom, homeowners can choose an elongated model since their bathroom can accommodate this type of model.

Toilet Dimensions

Round bowl type models are standard in size, roughly 16 1/2 inches in length allowing for a better fit in smaller bathrooms. Elongated bowl models take up a bit more space since they are normally two inches longer (approximately 18 1/2 inches) and are typically found in recently built homes with larger bathrooms.


Round bowl toilets offer the homeowner a better fit in smaller bathrooms. Therefore, a round bowl toilet is a common choice for second full bathrooms and half bathrooms. The round design makes for easier cleaning and offers more leg room in tight spaces. Consumers prefer elongated bowl models due to comfort, offering a larger seating area. However, due to their length, a larger space is required. Elongated bowls are commonly used in master bathrooms or larger second or third bathrooms.


Elongated bowl models offer a larger target area, reducing the time required for cleaning. The elongated toilet is a better option for small children and men. The round bowl is smaller, increasing the odds of missing the bowl and increasing the time for cleaning which can lead to germs and bacterial growth.

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