Fundamentals of an Elongated Toilet

elongated toiletThe elongated toilet is quickly becoming the "must have" in toilets for those who desire more comfort and luxury. In the past, people did not consider it important when choosing a toilet. However, choosing a toilet is becoming an important decision when building or remodeling a home.


Due to the elongated oval design, this model is more comfortable than the round bowl. The sides of the elongated model leads one to feel as if they are sitting on a comfortable chair. Even if there were to be an increase in the diameter of a round model, it would not provide the same support as the elongated model.


The round model toilet that has been used for centuries is becoming a second choice to the elongated choice. The elongated bowl design features a two inch increase in circumference, as opposed to the round model bowl. Its streamlined oval shape fits nicely into most existing bathrooms and as a result, more homeowners are choosing this model.


The standard height of an elongated toilet is approximately 15 inches. However, luxury models and American Disabilities Act or ADA models range in height from 16.5 to 19 inches.

One-Piece or Two-Piece Toilets

Elongated bowl models come in either one piece - a solid fixture that molds the bowl and the tank together or a two-piece model. With the two-piece model, the tank is mounted on a small lip located on the back of the bowl using bolts. Depending on consumer preference and pricing, the two-piece model is typically cheaper than the one-piece model due to manufacturing costs.

Seat Covers

Using a typical round seat cover with the elongated toilet is not an option. Due to the oval design it is necessary to use an elongated seat to adequately cover the entire rim. Elongated seats come in an array of designs as well as decorative prints various colors and textures.

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