chrome bathroom faucet

Chrome is a high-gloss metal finish that is available on many fixtures and accessories. Both bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets benefit from chrome's qualities: reflective, bright, shiny, and smooth. When light bounces off of a chrome finish faucet, it shows off the shape's contours and it draws your eye to the object. To keep it looking stain-free, chrome needs very basic regular maintenance. Chrome is an easy finish to care for, and quick to do.

chrome kitchen faucet

To remove water spots, mix one teaspoon distilled white vinegar (the type you cook with) and one cup water. Rub gently with a soft cloth or paper towel. Water spots on kitchen and bathroom faucets occur when mineral deposits from water stick to the faucet.

Use this solution to clean the rest of the faucet, making sure to lift up the handle, and on the back of the faucet.

When cleaning a chrome kitchen faucet, don't forget to remove the spray head from the arm, and clean both ends.

For added shine, use a little rubbing alcohol with cloth or paper towel on the outside. Let dry.

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent because it cleans, shines, and disinfects all at once. It also removes hard-water stains, toothpaste deposits, and loosens every-day gunk. Mix lemon juice or essential oils into the mix to keep your room smelling great. And since you already have the vinegar out, might as well make your salad!

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