Keeping the Toilet Clog-Free

clogged toilet

Nothing but Toilet Paper

When your toilet is clogged and no amount of plunging can get it working again, a call to a plumber will be in order which can be quite expensive. The pipes leading out to the sewage system or septic tank from the home will need to be cleared. Backup of the pipes can lead to water damage if the situation is not handled immediately. The pipes that the sewage flows out of the house and into the sewer or septic tank are 6 to 8 inches in width. In time, they can become plugged if you flush anything other than toilet paper.


To keep the pipes clog-free, a few simple rules should be implemented to everyone that accesses the toilets in your home. Nothing other than the toilet paper should ever be flushed. Some brands of toilet paper are better than others. Check with the manufacturer of your toilet to determine the best toilet paper to use. Some toilet paper is stronger and thicker than other toilet paper, and therefore, the paper will not dissolve as well. Using the heavier toilet paper over a long period of time could cause build up within the pipes that leads to clogging and backing up within the system. Always check to see that the brand you purchase is sewer and/or septic safe.

Things to Avoid

Many other items are notorious for causing clogs as well. The new moist wipes advertised for use with the toilet do not break down like toilet paper, leading to a potential clog. Baby wipes are another product that is difficult to dissolve and flush. They are fibrous and can lead to buildup in the pipes and as a result, should be avoided. Feminine hygiene products should not be flushed regardless of advertising as these too pose a danger to a clog and should be disposed of properly in the trash. Paper towels, cotton balls and cosmetic sponges are also known products that can cause a backup. Avoid throwing anything into the toilet other than toilet paper and you should have little to no trouble with clogging.

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