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Within the private sanctuary of your bathroom, the sink serves as your personal shrine devoted to fulfilling your daily needs and wants. At the bottom of the bowl, the stresses of your day collect in a pool and you happily wash them away. Kraus exclusive line of chic bathroom sinks aim to generate the calm, relaxing atmosphere you seek when enjoying personal “me” time. They offer an extensive collection of ceramic and glass vessel bathroom sinks that evoke both tranquil vastness and soothing bliss. Kraus bathroom sinks are crafted with creative ardor and refined skill, exemplifying their mastery of artisan design to deliver to you exclusive, top of the line creations. Submerge yourself in serenity today with a Kraus bathroom sink.

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Kraus has a broad selection of ceramic and glass vessel bathroom sinks that remain unparalleled in the industry. Ceramic basins are a staple look in home decor, exuding modern sleekness while retaining a classic allure. In comparison, glass vessels epitomize the ideals of modern chic design with their delicate bowl structures and vibrant color palette. Whether you are looking to make a subtle addition or a bolder statement, Kraus carries a vast assortment of bathroom sinks to enliven any decorative vision.

Ceramic bathroom sinks have a smooth, glossy exterior that makes it aesthetically versatile. The lustrous shine of white ceramic can easily be integrated in either residential or commercial furnishings. These Kraus bathroom sinks are constructed from high quality ceramic which is made from impermeable inorganic crystalline materials that are known for their sturdiness and stylishness. The uniform, non-porous nature of manufactured ceramic prevents your bathroom sink from experiencing discoloration and staining, even after prolonged use. Ceramic material is also known to be very sanitary and clean, and will reduce the spreading of germs.

To accommodate all configurations and style preferences, Kraus offers their ceramic bathroom sinks in a variety of different sizes and shapes including round, square, and rectangular. Kraus sinks require above the counter installation and come with all the necessary hardware for mounting upon purchase. In addition, Kraus bathroom sinks also include a complementary pop-up drain that allows you to control the bowl’s retention and disposal of water. If you desire the traditionalistic elements of a ceramic basin but wish to add a little more glamour, Kraus also offers finishes in chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze.

For those taking a more abstract approach, Kraus glass vessels are the right accessories for helping you succeed in your artistic endeavors. All Kraus glass vessels are crafted from tempered glass that have undergone a process of rapid heating and cooling during manufacturing to ensure long lasting durability. Tempered glass is 5 to 7 times stronger than regular glass and is typically constructed to be ¼” to ¾” thick for their bathroom sinks. Furthermore, Kraus customers have the option of choosing a round, square, or rectangular shaped glass vessel in either the 14” or the 17” size to suit all countertop dimensions.

What sets Kraus glass vessels apart from other distributors is that they offer an exclusive selection of unique colors, designs, and textures. All Kraus customers have the option of choosing from either a single tone glass bowl or a multicolored glass bowl in a clear finish or a frosted finish. Their single tone bathroom sinks are intended for simple and bold decor, and come in clear, brown, or black. In contrast, their multicolored bathroom sinks exhibit a vibrant whirlwind of bold colors and patterns, reviving every bathroom with energetic vigor.

All Kraus bathroom sinks are protected by a warranty to ensure you long lasting service and quality performance. Make a splash in your home today with the addition of an exquisite Kraus bathroom sink.

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