Kraus Kitchen and Bathroom products

Kraus continuously strives to create and develop premium kitchen and bath products that exhibit technical precision and immaculate style. Attesting to this commitment is the Kraus faucets collection, which presents a wide variety of eco-friendly single-lever models. Kraus faucets not only boast resourceful and innovative design, but they also are made to provide exceptional function to ensure your home a smooth running kitchen and bathroom.

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The Kraus faucets collection represents a reinvention of customary designs that have been updated to meet the new standards of modern aesthetics. Kraus achieves this objective by continuously researching the market’s latest trends and styles, and by regularly assessing consumers evolving tastes and preferences. Their kitchen and bathroom faucet collections reveal the industry’s best sellers and customers’ top picks, verifying the trusted craftsmanship of the Kraus brand.

The entire Kraus faucet collection showcases a contemporary single-lever handle design that is significantly more efficient than the traditional double-lever handle design. The single-lever design allows sink users to control both water flow and temperature with only handle versus the two handles the double-lever design has. This user-friendly structure conveniently frees up a hand, and enables users to multitask around the kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, Kraus faucets only require single-hole, top-mount installation which is both simpler to install and more space savvy than its alternative.

Kraus Kitchen Faucets

Kraus kitchen faucets are offered in a variety of designs ranging from standard to gooseneck to compression-styled to accommodate all sink configurations. Gooseneck kitchen faucets exhibit long bodies that lead up to a high arched spout. This elevated spout is as trendy as it is functional, and allows homeowners to easily slide large pots under the spout’s mouth for cleaning or cooking purposes. The compression-styled kitchen faucet possesses a gooseneck structure but adds on a unique uncoiling spring spout design. This gadgets and gizmos simulating look is equipped with a retractable pull-out hose and 180 degree spout swivel for complete sink access. No matter which style suits your liking, all Kraus kitchen faucets are constructed from 16 gauge grade T-304 stainless steel to ensure all homeowners a reliable, well-made product.

Kraus Bathroom Faucets

Similar to their kitchen counterpart, Kraus bathroom faucets bear either a stainless steel or solid brass construction that assures every homeowner a quality made fixture. Kraus bathroom faucets also come in various contemporary innovative designs including bamboo, an upside down “U”, and the strikingly beautiful waterfall model. These unique models are the perfect accessories that amply parallel the magnificence of glass vessel sinks. Furthermore, shoppers can choose to purchase their bathroom faucet in several optional finishes including chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, gold, and oil rubbed bronze.

It goes unsaid that the Kraus faucets collection lies at the forefront of modern kitchen and bathroom design. This collection offers flawless craftsmanship, futuristic designs, and sound performance. As a final feature, Kraus manufactures all of their models with a built-in ceramic cartridge to safeguard your faucet from ever leaking over time.

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