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It is clear to see why glass sinks are the latest breakthrough trend in contemporary bathroom decor. From their delicate make to their ultramodern shape to the wide array of designs they are offered in, these bathroom sinks are undoubtedly the industry’s premier product. The Kraus team prospers in upholding these highly regarded standards, and even exceeds them by offering top of the line glass sinks at unprecedented market low prices.

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Dedicated to ensuring each and every one of their customers a stress-free and high-end looking bathroom renovation, the Kraus glass sinks collection features eye-catching designs that are guaranteed to surpass every homeowner’s expectations. Kraus is a premier manufacturer of luxury bath products, and is one of the industry’s top creators in implementing advanced technological solutions to execute forward-looking designs. Their glass sinks collection personifies this mission objective, and features unique artisan bathroom sinks that convey different themes ranging from vibrant radiance to urban bold to sophisticated chic.

Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and styles, the Kraus glass sinks collection presents an unrivaled selection of handcrafted treasures. Shoppers can choose from round, rectangular, flat, and raised square. Moreover, shoppers can also choose from a diverse assortment of colors and patterns varying from ridged, frosted, broken, single-tone, and multicolored. Kraus’s multicolored options are a fan favorite, flaunting enigmatic blends of rich, lively colors inspired by the chaotic beauty of Earth’s wild tempests.

The grand allure of glass sinks stems from the elusive fragility their transparent construction projects. For this reason, the inherent qualities of glass are considered stylistically advantageous. The exterior of Kraus bathroom sinks portray a delicate and light form, while their interior structure possesses a durable and reliable build. They are purposely made from tempered glass to ensure this constructive duality.

Tempered glass has proven to be 3 to 6 times stronger and studier than regular glass, which results from an expert manufacturing process of rapid heating and cooling. All Kraus glass sinks are made to boast either a 12 mm or 19 mm thickness, and between 14 and 17 inch diameter to ensure a quality product that can withstand daily repeated use and high volume traffic. This certified design qualifies every model to be a user-conscious and family-friendly home addition.

Lastly, all glass sinks are eligible to be a part of Kraus’s bathroom combo deals. Kraus bathroom combo deals are professionally paired sink and faucet combinations that are assured to be mechanically and aesthetically compatible. Kraus bathroom faucets all encompass a single-lever design and built-in ceramic cartridge that ensure a regulated, controlled water flow. One of the best matches for any glass vessel is the nature-inspired waterfall faucet. This faucet design serenely emulates the graceful stream of a cascading waterfall, and makes for an exemplary modern complement.

Strikingly beautiful, Kraus glass sinks are an arresting centerpiece in any bathroom decor. Their beauty and elegance is unparalleled, and is sure to inspire and stimulate users with every experience.

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