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Kraus GV-500 Broken Glass Sink Collection

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Offering fragmented tile design and textural glass dimension, the Kraus GV-500 bathroom sink offers decorative elements beyond the scope of magnificent. This unconventional glass sink features a composition of small green-tinted pieces that beautifully bond to form an eye-catching bathroom jewel. The GV-500 may convey an outwards delicate fragility but its interior build showcases remarkable master craftsmanship. Kraus bathroom sinks are skillfully produced from tempered glass to ensure a 3 to 6 times more solid construction.

Kraus pushes the imagination even further with its ultra-contemporary GV-500 matching bathroom faucet collection. The Kraus team has ingeniously engineered a line of advanced single-lever handle bathroom faucets that showcase out-of-the-box designs to accompany the GV-500 broken glass sink. These faucets boast either a solid brass or stainless steel make, and come in a diverse array of glistening yellow and silver metallic finishes.

Homeowners can purchase one of these outstanding faucets along with the GV-500 broken glass sink in a very affordable combination deal. Kraus bathroom combo deals are designer developed pairings that fully and flawlessly convey the paramount designs of Kraus bath products. The GV-500 broke glass sink combo deals are resourcefully structured to offer every homeowner the opportunity to customize their home with high-end goods at reasonable inexpensive rates.

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