Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion Glass Sink Collection

Simply charming, the Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion glass sink presents a textured medley of metallic browns and rich coppers. The illusion lies within the model’s elusive outward metal make and actual tempered glass construction. Channeling the beauty of old world allure and revamping it with hints of gold shimmer, the Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion vessel sink transforms a traditional bathroom basic into a modern-day trend.


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The Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion sink is truly unique in style and structure, demonstrating an interesting interplay between metal and glass. The model boasts a copper metal finish but its interior build reveals an advantageous tempered glass make. Kraus bathroom sinks have been test proven to be extremely durable and resistant, and to provide homeowners with low maintenance and scratch proof surfaces. Built with smart features and family-friendly usability, the GV-580 Copper Illusion bathroom sink is a stylish practical investment.

Homeowners can make an even more practical investment with a Kraus combo deal. Kraus bathroom combo deals are individual sets that each pair the GV-580 Copper Illusion glass sink with a matching waterfall faucet and pop-up drain. The waterfall faucet and pop-up drain come in an array of multiple finishes that stylistically accent and play off the glass sink’s shimmering copper design.

The Kraus waterfall faucet is an architectural marvel that features a solid brass body and glass disk spout with a single-lever handle projecting from the center. This innovative design is as intriguing as it is functional, and allows users to control both water flow and temperature with the slight adjustment of only one handle. The waterfall faucet and Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion glass sink is an awe-inspiring combination that showcases the dramatic progress of technology and ever-changing standards of aesthetics.

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