Kraus KBU10 Kitchen Sink Collection

Compact, curvy, and cut-rate, the Kraus KBU10 stainless steel sink will bestow any kitchen with a cozy and comfy feel. This 23 inch Undermount single-bowl sink nestles nicely into any small to medium sized counter top, and works well with short, single-lever designed faucets. Known for its user-friendly quality and economical cost, the KBU10 kitchen sink represents the modern ideal for home-style decor.


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With an overall size of 23 ¼ inches L x 20.9 inches W x 9 inches H, the Kraus KBU10 kitchen sink is practical, purposeful, and perfect for personal kitchens and smaller households. Fitted for 24 inch cabinets, its 16 gauge stainless steel build tastefully contrasts the traditional charm of wooden furniture. Kraus kitchen sinks display a 3 ½ inch rear-set drain opening that is engineered to be compatible with most garbage disposal designs available in the current market. Furthermore, this forward-thinking feature relocates the drain opening from the center of the basin to the end side of the basin which is aesthetically more attractive and functionally more useful compared to old standard kitchen sink models. Kraus also pads the bottoms of the KBU10 model with a Stone Guard undercoat to reduce the level of noise heard when the sink is use to ensure a quality product that proves to be every penny’s worth.

In addition to low cost and advanced features, the Kraus KBU10 kitchen sink allows for even more valuable savings with its customized three-piece combo deals. Kraus kitchen combo deals match the KBU10 model with a variety of faucets and stainless steel soap dispensers that correspond in size, shape, and style. Homeowners can enhance the look of their kitchen sink with a playful compression styled gooseneck faucet or opt for a simpler, standard faucet spout design. No matter what your personal style preference is, Kraus KBU10 combo deals are professionally packaged to meet every personal need and household’s standard.

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