Kraus KHU102-33 Kitchen Sink Collection

Sleek, smooth, and silent, the Kraus KHU102-33 kitchen sink incorporates breakthrough technology to create a soundproof stainless steel exterior. This astonishing piece from Kraus is gaining widespread attention in the market, and has already emerged as one of the industry’s premier products. Boasting a 16 gauge steel make and 50/50 double bowl configuration, the KHU102-33 is guaranteed to revolutionize your kitchen decor, and reinterpret the way you look at a sink.


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Designed to have 14.9 inches L x 17 inches W x 10 inches H bowls with ¾ inch curved corners, the Kraus KHU102-33 showcases adept craftsmanship and keen detail. Kraus kitchen sinks are dexterously constructed to possess a 3 ½ inch rear-set drain opening that directs waste to gather towards the end side of the sink rather than the center. This safeguard feature not only opens up the basin for excess dish storage, but it also prevents sink users from placing their hands in the drain opening by mistake, and accidentally touching the garbage disposal. Kraus also adds in a basket strainer and strainer to place in the drain opening, two bottom grids, and a dish towel for no additional costs.

Furthermore, customers have the option of purchasing the KHU102-33 kitchen sink on its own or in exclusive three-for-one combo deals. Kraus kitchen combo deals expertly pair the KHU102-33 kitchen sink with multiple single-lever faucets that you can personally choose from upon purchase. Compared to the traditional two-lever handles other brands offer, the single-lever design on all of Kraus kitchen faucets are eco-friendly and space efficient. Single-lever handles allow users to control both water pressure and temperature with only one handle, which conveniently frees up the other hand for multitasking. Lastly, the Kraus KHU102-33 combo deal also throws in a stainless steel soap dispenser to complete the pristine, polished look of your stainless steel kitchen set.

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