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The kitchen lies at the heart of every home where friends and family gather to revel in food and drink. One of the key components in ensuring that your kitchen is the catering cookhouse you want it to be is a Kraus kitchen faucet. As the neck is to the body, the faucet is the kitchen’s connecting limb to the water supply, and is responsible for directing all resources to the sink for use. As such, Kraus believes in offering you the finest selection of stainless faucets made in the industry today. Kraus kitchen faucets are engineered with breakthrough technology and cutting edge ingenuity to provide you with a long lasting product that won’t leak or rust over time. Trust in Kraus to bring your vision of a hearty and healthy kitchen to life in every home.

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The kitchen faucet is just as vital as the kitchen sink in creating a tasty and bustling domain of culinary pride. It serves as a crucial component to the kitchen’s overall functioning, and is an essential tool for washing, cleaning, and cooking. Enduring repeated use on a daily basis can be damaging to a faucet but Kraus’s impeccable selection of stainless steel kitchen faucets will prove to fail to leak or tarnish after prolonged use. Kraus faucets are melded from the finest of metals and by the highest of experts to ensure your kitchen optimal and maximum performance.

The Kraus selection of faucets comes in an array of sizes and styles to satisfy all kitchen needs and wants. Depending on the size, make, and configuration of your kitchen sink, they offer a range of sizes to suit both smaller sinks with a single or a double basin, and larger, industrial sinks with three or more basins. They also offer kitchen faucets of various lengths to fit both shallow and deep basins.

Furthermore, Kraus kitchen faucets also come equipped with several features that vary from model to model to ease the processes of cooking and cleaning. Some kitchen faucet models come with a built-in filter system that purify tap water into crisp, drinking water, eliminating the hassle of buying water and waiting for filtered water. Other models come with sprayer heads that provide single and dual spray options to better direct water usage and manage water pressure. Faucets with pull-out retractable hoses are also available at Kraus, and are recommended for kitchens that encompass a lot of “hard-to-reach” areas.

The Kraus team believes that quality should never be compensated at the expense of style or price, and provides for customers the option of several different finishes at affordable rates. Their stainless kitchen faucets are known for their lustrous shine, and their rust and scratch resistant nature which certifies their everlasting gleam and durability. However, faucet finishes in chrome, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze are also available to complement any kitchen style decor and to please all personal tastes. Chrome finishes are stylistically versatile and balance out any kitchen countertop material with its stunning silver shine. For a more subtle look, Kraus kitchen faucets are also offered in brushed chrome which is gives more of a matte look compared to the regular chrome. A satin nickel finish speaks the essence of contemporary design with its sleek and smooth appeal while an oil-rubbed bronze finish bestows the kitchen with rustic beauty. The possibilities in kitchen decor are endless at Kraus where style also confirms quality.

In addition to their durable and elegant exterior, all Kraus kitchen faucets are built with ceramic cartridges that are designed to protect and prevent the faucet from future leaking. They also come with complimentary hot and cold waterlines along with the installation and mounting hardware to ensure customers a pleasurable and efficient shopping experience. Industrialize your kitchen with Kraus stainless kitchen faucets for a five-star experience.

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