Maintaining Toilet Performance

Toilet MaintenanceLike other fixtures and appliances inside our homes, the toilet will deliver continuous performance when you perform regular maintenance. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, due diligence on the homeowners' part in maintaining the unit will eliminate larger maintenance and repair issues in the future.


1. Clean the inside of the toilet bowl at the end of each day, using a toilet brush or soft cloth. This process will protect the bowl from mineral deposits building up over time and restricting water flow.

2.  Check the water level inside the tank to determine if the water level is at the proper level. There is a water line mark which is typically located inside the tank, on the back of the tank's wall. This does not have to be an everyday task, but it should be checked if the unit is not flushing properly. An acceptable water level is approximately one inch below the opening of the overflow pipe. The overflow pipe is the vertical pipe that is located on the left side of the tank.

3.  To increase the water level inside the tank, raise the float up or down to raise or lower the tank water level when it fills after each flush. If the unit is not equipped with a float, it will have a ball cock assembly that will need to be adjusted in the same manner to allow more water flowing in when refilling the bank. Bend the rod up to allow more water to refill the bank. Bend the rod down for less water.

4.  If the toilet is flushing sluggishly, check the flapper valve. Shut off the water supply located at the back or bottom of the unit. There will be a knob located near the near. Turn it clockwise to shut the water off. Remove the lid and flush the toilet while you watch the flapper unit. As the flapper releases, it covers the drain hole. Make sure the flapper realigns with the drain hole, ensuring a tight seal. If the tank is not filling properly, adjust the flapper by altering the length of the chain connected to the lift arm. This will allow the flapper to rise higher, resulting in a longer flush.

5.  Replace the lid and flush the toilet a second time to remove the remaining bowl water. Take a wire hanger and straighten it out so that you can push the tip of the hanger into the rim holes that run underneath the rim of the bowl. This will help eliminate any mineral deposit buildup that could slow down the strength of the water flowing from the tank into the bowl. Once you have finished clearing the holes, apply toilet bowl cleaner under the rim and scrub with a toilet brush including the bowl as well. Once finished, turn the water shut-off valve back on, turning the knob counterclockwise, restoring the water supply and flush toilet.

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