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moenWhen thinking of the most important rooms in a home, one cannot help but include the bathroom, and most particularly the shower or bathtub. The effect of a great shower cannot be overrated, and when choosing fixtures to enhance the showering experience, nothing surpasses the Moen handheld shower.


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moen caldwell handheld showerTaking the time to choose just the right handheld shower is critically important, as you will be expecting that it not only meets your needs, but that it lasts a lifetime. Moen handheld showers are available in transitional, traditional, and modern styles, and in a wide variety of finishes and styles. Moen has 13 Collections that offer over 60 different Moen handheld showers, so you will be sure to find the perfect product.

Moen shower fixtures include a handheld shower. You can choose a Moen handheld shower that is fixed on the shower wall, or one that is affixed to a slider bar. If you choose a Moen handheld shower with a slider bar, it can be configured as a fixed showerhead to meet the needs of everyone in your family, no matter how tall they are. They are also quite handy if you enjoy being able to sit in the shower, or if you shower with a friend.

The most popular Moen handheld shower systems can be found in the Moen collection. The Moen collection offers varieties available in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, chrome or polished brass, platinum, pewter, wrought iron and satin finishes. They come with a 69 inch hose and many come with a three foot long slider bar. You can choose single-function or multi-function fixtures, which include massaging rinse; invigorating spray and full spray. Like all fixtures in the Moen handheld shower line, they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Adler collection offers a Moen handheld shower with an eight function option and a 59 inch hose, in a chrome or glacier finish. The Enliven and Inspire Moen Collections offer handheld showers with three functions in a beautiful chrome finish. You might prefer a handheld shower from Moen's Nurture Collection that includes an eco-performance showering system which uses 30% less water, while not sacrificing the showering experience.

The Fina Collection offers sleek lines available in chrome or brushed nickel, and with or without an eco-friendly water use feature. This line features a smooth and graceful look, but delivers the same high quality showering experience you can expect in all Moen handheld shower products. The 90Degree Collection offers two options in chrome and brushed nickel, which are very modern, elegant and include the eco-friendly shower performance option.

moen refresh handheld showerWhatever you are looking for in a handheld showerhead system, you are sure to find it in the Moen Collections. Moen handheld shower products are well-known in the industry to be of the highest quality available. There are so many varieties that you are sure to find the one that suits your bathroom decor and your individual and family's expectations in a showering experience.

Take your time when browsing through our selections to ensure you choose the right Moen handheld shower. Be sure to take into consideration your decor and desired functionality. Then imagine which, of the over 60 different Moen handheld shower products, will be the best choice, creating the style and purpose you are looking for. Whether you shower in a small stall or a larger multi-faucet shower room, there is a Moen handheld shower that will more than suit your needs.

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