Moen Shower Fixtures

moenMost people begin or end their day with a Moen shower. Your shower should be a invigorating and relaxing experience. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, choosing the right shower fixture is an important decision. Moen Shower Fixtures are manufactured for style and durability. Your choices include standard fixtures to a comprehensive, magnificent shower system.


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Your first step is to decide on the type, design, and finish you want to accomplish with your shower fixtures. A shower fixture should compliment your bathroom's style. If your bathroom is a contemporary style, browse through the Moen shower Collections. Moen's 90 Degree Collection. This Collection will bring a clean, artistic design to your bathroom. The faucet finish is a significant factor in the fixtures you choose. Whether you opt for oil rubbed bronze, nickel, stainless steel, or another option, the look you want to achieve should compliment your overall design. It is important to match the other finishes in the room, unless you intend on changing out all the fixtures.

Moen Shower Heads

moen shower headMoen shower heads are one of the most popular shower fixtures on the market. A Moen shower fixture is manufactured with high quality materials. Shower fixtures can be fixed or detachable. Fixed showerheads are affixed to the walls or ceiling. A detachable showerhead is referred to as a handheld showerhead. In both styles, Moen shower products provide a shower head that delivers a wide, even spray of water. With hundreds of designs, Moen offers you the option to create any style. Many of Moen's shower products can be adjusted for different types of water pressure. A Moen shower head allows one person in your family to use a light soothing water stream, while another member can select a powerful massage-type flow of water. Create a unique Moen shower experience by installing two fixed showerheads on two walls in your shower stall. This two fixed showerheads option is also perfect for two people showering together.

If your goal is to create a tranquil, spa-like bathroom, check out the distinctive Moen shower line of rainshower shower heads. Most models are 8" in diameter, finished in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed bronze. You can choose from a soothing rain rinse to a self-pressurized spray. Moen's patented technology increases the flow and force of water delivery.

Moen Shower Faucets

moen shower faucetMost shower faucets are selected based on looks, rather than functionality. Although appearance and style are important, functionality should not be ignored. Your Moen shower faucets should compliment your bathroom and provide your preferred functionality. Some of the most popular Moen shower faucets can be found in the Brantford™ collection, the Adler Collection, the Chateau Collection, and the Eva Collection. The Branford Collection offers an antique style oil rubbed bronze finish, in a traditional style, creating a timeless charm. You will find a classic style in The Adler collection with a convenient one-handle design. If you are going for a modern look, peruse the Chateau Collection for a product offering a rounded style in a chrome finish, with clean, soft curves. The Eva Collection will add an elegant, transitional design to your bathroom with tapered, stylish lines that will never go out of style.

Moen Shower Systems

moen shower systemMoen Shower Systems create an incredible showering experience. A Moen shower system differs from the standard shower that has only one fixed shower faucet. A shower system is a combination of one fixed shower head, up to four adjustable body jets, and a handheld shower. The body jets can be aimed in any direction to the user's specifications, creating a truly invigorating, full-body experience.

A Moen shower system available is the Chrome ioDIGITALTM system. This is top of the line. With this Moen shower system, you can control the water temperature, and there are four programmable presets that allows the user to tell the shower system to memorize their ultimate shower experience. An LCD screen displays the exact temperature. The rainshower showerhead utilizes Moen's advanced self-pressured ImmersionTM rainshower technology - an innovation that channels water through the showerheads with three times more spray power than most rainshowers. Add to the Moen shower experience by including a handheld showerhead that will provide an incredible showering experience so invigorating, you won't want to leave. An additional option is a remote control that operates from up to 30 feet away.

Moen Handheld Shower

moen handheld showerA fixed shower head cannot reach everywhere. Design a Moen shower using a handheld shower - it can reach all the hard to reach places. You can use a handheld shower hands-free by replacing it in the brackets attached to the wall. Moen handheld shower will make cleaning the bathroom easier. Using a handheld Moen shower allows you to take a quick shower without getting your hair wet, and they make bathing small children and family pets simple. Another important use for a handheld shower is that it provides a safer shower experience for elderly and disabled people.

As you shop for shower fixtures, keep in mind that you are looking for quality as well as design and style. Remember, the faucet should not only look good but provide the functionality you are looking for. When creating a standard shower, a fixed head or two is the perfect choice. Consider installing a Moen shower using a rainshower showerhead to experience a soothing shower experience. You will achieve a spa-like setting when choosing one of Moen's complete shower systems.

If you are installing a Moen shower for elderly or disabled people, consider Moen's handheld models. Handheld showers are a perfect choice to add to your spa-like experience and they are also the perfect option for small children and pets and making cleaning a breeze.

Beginning or ending your day with a Moen will not just cleanse your body, it will also provide you with an experience that will make it difficult to leave the shower.

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