One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilets

one piece round toiletA one-piece toilet is manufactured with the bowl permanently attached to the tank. A two-piece toilet is made with the tank and bowl as separate components. The one-piece is a relatively new product.

One-Piece Toilets

The decision for a one piece-model is purely based on what the consumer is looking for. They are a sleeker model and easier to clean and fit nicely in every decor of one’s bathroom. The inner mechanisms are the same as that of the two-piece model however; the distinction between the two is the fact that the one-piece model is one complete unit molded together.

Two-Piece Toilets

The two-piece model is the traditional toilet that many have in their homes today. The tank and the bowl are separate pieces that are joined together by mounting the tank on the back of the bowl with two secure anchors. As with the one-piece model, the inner mechanisms are located within the tank unit.


One main benefit of the one-piece model is the significant advantage of cleaning the unit. The one-piece model is molded together, making cleaning much easier than the two-piece model. The two-piece model requires cleaning the space between the tank and the bowl, an area difficult to clean and susceptible to stains and germs.

Function and Style

Many consumers are attracted to the one-piece model due to its sleek, low profile. The traditional two-piece model is still widely popular as it offers a larger variety of style and color options, as opposed to the one-piece model.


The traditional two-piece toilet cost less than the one-piece model due to manufacturing costs. The manufacturing process for the one-piece toilet requires an advanced molding technique that fuses the bowl and the tank together, resulting in a more expensive option.

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