The Dual Flushing Toilet

dual flush toiletDue to recent efforts in water conservation and environmentally conscious homeowners, the dual flushing toilet concept was brought to fruition. Many municipalities have implemented mandatory installation of dual flushing toilets models in newer homes and offices. The new building codes are in response to a growing concern to conserve water and reduce waste. This measure is also designed to help homeowners save money by decreasing their water bill.


The role of the dual flushing toilet is not the ability to flush twice. Dual models have two buttons. One button is for a short flush that will release about three liters or .79 US gallons of water. The other button releases about 7 liters of water or 1.8 US gallons of water. To eliminate waste, the user should choose the second button. For elimination of urine, the first button would be used since less water is necessary.

Wider Trap

The dual flushing models are designed with a wider trap than the traditional model to allow to waste and water to flush more effectively. Traditional toilet traps are smaller and narrower and tend to clog more often than dual flushing models. Another negative aspect of the smaller trap is the necessity to use more water for flushing when eliminating waste.

Design Choices

A vast array of designs are available for dual flushing models. The elongated models are a more fitting design for those with disabilities due to movement restrictions such as arthritis and other ailments. The smooth design of the dual flush elongated model is a popular choice for younger homeowners who are concerned about a modern bathroom design. Another popular feature with the dual flushing toilet is a removable seat, making cleaning much easier.

Money in Your Pocket

The average toilet per flush uses up to 20 liters or over 5 gallons of water. The dual flush model generally uses half the water, thus lowering water usage by up to 60 percent over a single flush model. Saving water means saving money. Homeowners can expect to see a lower water bill. Although the cost of a dual flushing toilet is more than the traditional single flushing brand, the cost homeowners save on water and the satisfaction of knowing they are environmentally wise consumers is worth it.

Decisions, Decisions

When making the decision between traditional flushing toilets or a dual flushing toilet, one must take into consideration that human waste is broken down into two categories: liquids and solids. Since it takes less water to eliminate liquid waste from the bowl, choosing the dual flushing toilet is a much better option since you can use 3 liters as opposed to 20 liters per flush. When necessary, the longer flush with 6 to 7 liters can be used to eliminate bulk waste more effectively.

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