The Many Styles of Stainless Steel Sinks

double bowl apron stainless steel kitchen sinkStainless steel kitchen sinks are highly durable which means they will not crack, break, or chip, unlike porcelain models. Not only is this a benefit, many stainless steel kitchen sinks also provide an assurance of less breakage of glassware if accidentally dropped into the bowl. These types of sinks can be either top mounted or under mounted, and can also include an apron front that functions similar to a drain board. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are manufactured as either a single, double, or triple bowl, and many manufacturers distribute a variety of shapes and sizes.

Varying Styles: Top Mount or Under Mount

Currently there are two styles of stainless steel kitchen sinks with two different installation methods. The top mount sink, also known as the self-rimming model, is installed by dropping it down into the kitchen cabinet, resting on its rim on the top of the counter.

The under mount stainless kitchen sink, commonly referred to as the rimless sink, is installed beneath the countertop. This method allows for a seamless finish, as there is no visible portion of the stainless steel on the counter.

The Apron Front Stainless Model

An apron front stainless steel kitchen sink earned its name because of the lip or apron that hangs down over the front of the cabinet. The lip or apron is designed to protect the cabinet from water that might splash down the front of the kitchen sink. Apron stainless steel kitchen sinks work well in professional kitchens and in homes with large families. Professional kitchens often use this type of stainless steel sink because of the substantial amount of food being prepared at one time.

Preparation or prep stainless steel kitchen sinks are used in homes and restaurants. They provide a drain board located on one side of the sink which is highly beneficial when washing a variety of items. Restaurants wash stemware and silverware frequently, and using this style of kitchen makes clean up easy and efficient.

Single, Double, Triple Bowl Models

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are available in single, double, and triple bowl models. A triple sink will generally include a smaller sink in the middle of the two larger sinks which is handy for washing silverware. Single sinks are normally larger and deep, accommodating large pots and pans, a perfect choice for the homeowner who loves to cook. Double sinks are the most common stainless steel sink found in homes. They are manufactured with two bowls. The bowls vary in size, from both bowls the same size and depth, or one bowl may be larger or deeper.


Stainless steel sinks are typically a rectangular shape. Most manufacturers produce this type of sink because it is the most popular shape. However, you can find square and round stainless steel sinks with a single, double, or triple bowl.

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