Toilet Flushing Types

Contemporary Dual Flush ToiletAll flushing toilets use water to eliminate daily human excrement and toilet paper from the bowl. Water carries the waste through the bowl siphon to the drain where it is released into a network of pipes that either lead to a sewage system or septic tank. There are several types of flushing toilets each with it own set of unique advantages.

Low Flow Models

In the past, toilets had larger tanks mounted to the wall above the toilet that connected via a pipe to the bowl. Low flow models today have a smaller tank. In 1994, it became a requirement in the United States that low flow model toilets be used. The first generation of low flow models were not capable of flushing with much power as the traditional models. However, in 1997 the second generation of low flow toilet models were created with design improvements that greatly increased the flushing power yet maintained the standards of low flow.

Gravity Models

The majority of toilets today being used in homes are gravity models. Water fills to a set level in the tank, which sits on the back of the bowl. Once the handle is pushed, the lever arm inside the toilet tank attached by a chain to the flush valve raises the valve allowing the water to flow rapidly from the tank to the bowl by way of gravity. The new water is forced into the bowl thus pushing the waste and current water in the bowl siphon to the drain. Once this process is complete, the flush valve is released to cover the drain hole and the toilet tank begins to refill in preparation for the next flush.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flushing toilets allow the user to choose how much water they want to use with each flush. The flushing buttons are located on the top of the tank with one button only using a portion of the water in the tank for vacating urine out of the bowl. The use of the other button allows for all of the water in the tank to enter the bowl best used for eliminating solid waste. This model is very water efficient.

Automatic Models

Just as the name suggest these toilet models flush automatically. They are equipped with a motion sensor that triggers the flushing mechanism once a person has moved off the seat or bowl. These models are typically used in public or commercial restrooms because they keep the bowl clean for longer periods of time, reducing the cleaning time.

Pressure Assisted Models

Pressurized toilet models offer a flush with greater force. An airtight pressure chamber sits inside the toilet’s tank and as water fills up the pressure chamber, the air in the chamber compresses in the top. The more water that fills the toilet chamber, the more pressure is created. When the flush valve is released and the chamber opens to let the water out, the pressurized air forces it out of the chamber and into the bowl. These toilet models can be found in commercial and public restrooms.

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