Understanding Stainless Steel Terminology

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What makes the Chrysler Building stand out in the sky, and shine so bright year after year, decade after decade? The answer may surprise you, since you already have the same technology right in your own home. Stainless Steel. That's right, the same metal alloy that is used in the top of the Chrysler Building, airplanes, and other large-scale projects, are also used for forks, knives, and your everyday stainless steel kitchen sink. There are many types of steel manufactured for different purposes. Here is some information to help you select amongst Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks.

Steel thickness is measured in gauges (ga), or the number of layers that make up one inch of thickness. For example, a 16ga sheet of SS means that it takes 16 layers, stacked one on top of another, to add up to once inch. 18ga takes 18 layers. Therefore 16ga is thicker then 18ga. Most kitchen sinks come in 18ga or 16ga thickness. 16ga is also stronger, less noisy, and more resistant to scratching and oxidizing then 18ga. Due to its thickness, 16ga is also more expensive than 18ga. Kraus wants to give you the best product, so they choose only 16ga SS when making their sinks. Companies like Moen, Ticor, and Blanco have 18ga options.

Steel's resistance to oxidation is measured by its Nickel to chromium ratio. 18/10 Chromium/Nickel is a popular ratio used in the industry. This means that the alloy has: 18% chromium, 10% Nickel, and the rest is iron and other minor compounds. Chromium gives the metal its shine, and durability, while Nickel gives hardness and strength.

What does "t304" mean? Steel is manufactured by different systems. T304 is just one of those systems (t409 is another). For higher durability and better quality materials, use t304. You'll find it in your forks, knives, cookware, and other household items. T304 resists corrosion, temperature change, and will shine for a long time.

All Kraus kitchen sinks are 16gauge, 18/10, T304, scratch-resistant, commercial-grade finish, with sound insulation layer.

For cleaning and maintenance of kitchen sinks, refer to your item's "Technical Info" manual or see related articles.

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